How EduPoint; One of Growth Capital’s Port-folio Companies is Improving the Way Students are Learning in this Pandemic

As touching deficiency in Nigeria’s educational system, the teacher modalities in engaging students in the classroom is paramount. Skills such as problem-solving, digital literacy, and critical thinking should be incorporated to improve the participation of all types of learners in the classroom. To achieve this, tweaking the study curriculum to incorporate student experience and reality will require educationists to identify the strength and weaknesses of their students.

Advanced and effective teaching strategies to incorporate these skills should be put in place. These strategies must take into consideration age groups and their learning readiness, styles, abilities, and processes. A healthy tool for engaging students in the classroom is by raising curiosity about learning. Matching age group curiosity techniques with classroom activities is a good catch for attention.

Technology is at it again! Let the curiosity be well channeled! Adopting a technologically based learning modality is working anywhere in the world. Most progressive schools have dived into it already. The educational system of Nigeria should dim it fit to align it’s a curriculum to mixed reality educational content that blends virtual objects with real world views and allow students to interact with the 3D models physically( We pray Nigeria gets here fast). Educational videos, online tests, assignments, and strategic gamic classwork improves participation in the classroom.

In the bid to access this high learning and teaching methods, the facility and infrastructure are of high essence. Someday, we hope that learners will have the ability to think critically and solve problems as a result of their interaction with the technological world. But in the meantime, teachers must explore high-level technology landscape and pull students with them.

P:S We cannot teach our children for the future in the school that existed in the past! 😎

This is why at EduPoint, we are leveraging on technology, not only to connect well vetted Tutors to learners but also to use our virtual classrooms to teach and train any skills or subjects despite the four walls of schools are closed.

To begin the journey;

Click www.edupoint.org.ng/online-classes/register to register for the CORE SUBJECT CLASSES or ROBOTICS & CODING CLASSES

You can simply call 08177772980 or 08139319159.

You can also start a chat with our executive (click any of the links below)


School is closed, but learning continues….. Register Yourself or your child TODAY at EduPoint

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