5 Ways to Draw Contemporary Consumers and Increase Sales in Your Store

We are conscious of great analysis of how contemporary consumers, and therefore the whole retail landscape, are revolutionizing rapidly. Economist professional predictions about the recent economic trajectories, and the way it’ll end up with in the future, are a dime a dozen. As a retailer myself, it can sometimes desire you’re navigating a maze. there’s such a lot I could do to draw in, retain and impress customers, but will all of them pay off?

Beyond the news, what’s clear is that retail continues to remodel and reinvent itself, like usual. And consumers want retailers to stay up with the most important trends. At the identical time, they also want many of the identical old things.

A recent survey by a Nigerian retail research firm Economic Associates recently surveyed 500 Nigeria consumers on their expectations of shops and what matters to them. the result of the research proved that a typical consumer needs skilled customer service, personalization, and convenience. It surely doesn’t mean that tech is useless. the identical report found that buyers want to buy in stores with fresh, new ideas; they require to be entertained; they prioritize health and wellness; they require a frictionless retail experience; and that they are more responsive to their impact on the environment, which reflects in their shopping habits. To capture consumers’ attention, then, retailers must demonstrate that they need their finger on the heartbeat, and are diligent about perfecting the experiences they deliver.

Here are five ways you’ll be able to keep your brand current and on-trend and appeal to what your customers want:

The modern consumer cares about the social and environmental impact of their purchasing and consumption. Consumer Technographics data reveals that almost seven in ten Nigerian Millennials, and quite five out of ten consumers normally, consider a corporation’s values and commitment to social and environmental sustainability when making an acquisition.

If until this time you’ve got decided to sidestep the sustainability conversation, now’s the time to ascertain your point of view and take action. Values-based consumers are just growing in number, and that they will reward brands that enable them to consume more environmentally and sustainably. Here are some ideas to kick-start your sustainability strategy:

  • Explore different delivery options:
  • Reduce your packaging and use recycled/recyclable materials:
  • Stock items from eco-brands and products made of sustainable materials.

Modern consumers highly value wellness, a term wont to describe mental, physical, and emotional health, and that they want this to be reflected in their buying experiences too. A recent survey found that fifty of shoppers want to work out open spaces with greenery in shopping centers, and over a 3rd want to buy at stores with healthy food varieties.

Although familiar opinions are still important when it involves product recommendations, consumer communities are getting more influential. Consumers are increasingly inclined to travel with a wider community of like-minded people, where they will tap into a brand’s customer content and converse and interact within the circles of a network. As a result, retailers and makes are building their social communities – both physical, through in-store events, and online by joining various groups online.

Part of the increased interest in sustainability may be a growing demand for shared products and services. A recent survey found that over 1/2 consumers are willing to rent trendy, well-made products and quite 80% are willing to partake within the sharing economy – an idea popularized by a rental home service provider; Hotel.ng and ridesharing business Uber and Bolt.

In the retail sector, companies like GGM Fashion, Rent the Runway, Chic by Choice and Girl Meets Dress have risen to prominence with their rent-a-dress models, making it possible for consumers to wear the newest premium clothing items without breaking the bank. But more sectors than simply fashion and apparel are ripe for this trend.  Indeed, one-sixth of all shoppers said they’re most willing to rent goods from an electronics store. because the concept of renting goods becomes more common, retailers in numerous industries can exploit this by experimenting with their sharing services. From home improvement and DIY tools to baby products, to sporting goods, there are many opportunities within the market – it’s up to businesses to grab them timely.

Ultimately, retailers who can anticipate change and obtain on board with lasting consumer trends are going to be those who stand the simplest chance of success. To do this, start by viewing your customer base and specialize in what they require. Once you recognize this, you’ll be able to introduce exciting new concepts that marry up with their desires, and within the process refine customer service, personalization, and convenience.

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